Live with purpose

Welcome everyone to my first entry into my blog about chasing my dreams. I am hoping this page will serve as an inspiration to others. No matter what circumstances we might be in currently, we can always keep moving in the direction of our dreams and when we finally arrive, create new ones. Let me start by explaining that I am excited about this journey and cannot wait to begin. I hope that you will come along with me for the ride and start your own journey as well.  Some of the subjects I will cover on this blog include:

1. Camper vans and conversions

2. Boondocking

3. Getting out of debt

4. Preparation for life on the road

5.  How to live with less/Minimalist lifestyle

6. Creating a life by design or purpose

7. Natural building techniques/Permaculture.

8. How to grow you own food

9. Veganism/Raw Food/Fruitarian

These are all areas that I am interested in and therefore am curious to learn more about and to share what I learn with my audience.



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