It Costs How Much??

Being a newbie into the world of hiking and adventuring, I did not fathom the expense of being properly outfitted for time spent in the woods. Sometimes passion can take over common sense when it comes to a new venture so it came to a shock to me when I started to research different types of gear that I would need for a multi-day hammock camping and hiking trip I have coming up in September. I realize that not all gear is needed for every trip and that you don’t have to have everything right away, but I am finding even the basics are adding up. Here is what I ahave purchased so far:

  • Eno Doublenest Hammock $69.95
  • Slapstick Pro Hammock Straps $29.95
  • 60L “off brand” Backpack $46.17
  • Snakeskins for the Hammock $24.95
  • Rucus Alcohol Stove $22.50 (look up username Wheelie_Pete on Ebay)
  • Heet Alcohol $1.59
  • Energizer Headlamp $20
  • Stanley Cooking Camp Cup Set $20

Here is a list of the items I still feel I may “need” in order to have a successful 4 day, three night trip:

  • Eno Rain Fly $79.95 (why is the rain fly more expensive than the hammock?)
  • Eno Guardian Bug Net $59.95
  • Spot GPS Locator $74.95 (this is to keep my loved ones happy)
  • Decent Hiking GPS $99 – $299
  • Moutain House Pro-Pak food 8 X $8
  • Hiking pants $39 -$75

I am sure there is more however these items are what I consider the “base” needs, plus I already have a lot of the other things needed such as sleeping bag, sleeping mat, etc. So I am not complaining necessarily about the cost of all these items, it just took me by surprise. It won’t alter my plans because I am still very passionately stoked about the trip. In fact, my passion has got me thinking about being outdoors quite a bit. Oh before I forget, there is an app for the iphone and android called Yonder ( that is specifically geared towards people who enjoy the outdoors. It is a free app and if you download it, add me as a friend with the screename ccolbert4. I am not getting paid for mentioning them in my blog, I just really enjoy the app because it allows you to view pictures of some of the most beautiful places people have ventured to and shared.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my sticker shock and continued joy at the thought of roaming nature. I hope you share in this passion. Thanks for reading


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