Gear Test Hike Coming

Wow hard to believe Monday has arrived already. That’s okay though because I am already planning for this upcoming weekend. I need to do a gear test for my big trip in September, so I am planning an overnight backcountry camp and hike August 29th and 30th. This will be the very first time camping where I am not near public toilets or facilities so it should be pretty interesting and educational. The plan is to drive to a local forestry after work on Friday and hike into their backcountry camping areas (its free, and first come first served). I will then set up the hammock and camp overnight. The next morning I will break camp and do a ten mile hike with my pack. I need to get used to the weight and evaluate if what I am bringing can be pared down if it becomes too much to handle. Luckily the trail I am going to be taking is one that I have done before. I chose this one to do again because I know it has some elevation changes. I figured this would give me a an adequate chance to evaluate things. Being new to all of this, I am of the opinion that the best thing I can do is to get as much experience as possible before attempting a big hike like the one I have coming up. That may entail going every weekend but these are the sacrifices we have to make for our hobby (ha). The bad part about this upcoming weekend is that in my local area, they are calling for some thunderstorms at night. This, along with the lack of toilet facilities should be pretty interesting.

This past weekend, I ran a color 5K with my daughter and we had an absolute blast!!. I will try to put up some pictures at some point but needless to say it was a lot of fun. I even won a dance contest (ha ha). Imagine a 44 year old man popping and locking!!

I just want to thank all of you who have liked, commented, and followed my blog. It makes a fella feel pretty welcome and I enjoy reading your blogs as well.


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