Paying Down Debt / Extra Money for Hiking Gear

So as I have said in a previous post, my hobby of hiking/camping and video production can be pretty expensive. I make very good money, however the only problem is that I don’t get to keep much of it because of student loans, mortgage, car payment etc. I have decided to try to get a part time job that is flexible with my time in order to help facilitate paying down debt and purchasing some of this much needed gear. Yesterday, I signed up with Uber to become a driver for them here in the Indianapolis area. Now this is not get rich money, but if a person is willing to put in some time and effort, it is a good way to get earn a little extra each month. The thing that drew me to the opportunity was the flexibility of time (you can work when you want to) as well as the fact that they pay you weekly. I have not started driving yet so I will keep you all up to date as to whether this is a good deal or not, but hopefully I can make a go of it.

I have had a few people ask me if it is safe or not, I think for the passengers it definitely is because they do a background check on all the prospective drivers. For the drivers, it is also safe because there is no cash exchanged. All of the transactions are handled through the app; therfore, there is not as much incentive to rob a driver. Also, those who request rides give a lot of information ahead of time have to give their full name and phone number so they are not really anonymous. Lastly, I carry daily anyway so I am not too worried.

I am actually more worried about being at home because last night 8 cars on my street got broken into and someone found a gun holster lieing on the ground between two houses. That is a pretty high concentration of break ins. Anyway, just thought I would let everyone know about the Uber opportunity. I know that most of my posts are about my outdoor adventures but I like a variety of topics so hopefully there is something for everyone as I discuss different things periodically.


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