Gear Test Hike Attempt #2 coming this weekend

This upcoming weekend, the weather in Indiana is supposed to be more cooperative, so I am still planning to attempt a hike/camp with the new gear if I can get out. I only have three weeks left before the Red River Gorge hike and so I really need to make this happen before then. I don’t want to get out there and not know what I am doing (although I am sure I can figure it out, plus I have watched some YouTube videos on it). Really, the main crux of it is that I want to go hiking haha so this seems like as good an excuse as any to do just that.

As I have been researching other areas that I could explore, one that came to mind which is rarely mentioned in the “hiking forums” is the Ozark trails in Missouri. I have a friend at work who loves that area and this morning I asked him about hiking in the area and he mentioned that the scenery was simply breathtaking. So now I am going to be researching this area further as a possible fall trip. One of the things he mentioned was the area was one of the first to be protected by congress. This piqued my interest further in exploring it.

It is funny how a hobby can turn into an obsession pretty easily once you become passionate about it. I spend a great deal of time watching YouTube videos other folks have made of their hikes (specifically longer trails) and it really makes me long for that kind of fun. Most of the folks who attempt longer hikes such as the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, or Appalachian Trail speak of a change of their perspective in life with regards to gaining an appreciation for the simple things such as clean water, shelter, and warmth. Things that most of us may take for granted on a daily basis. This is really the kind of perspective I want to gain. I suppose I could just do so without the physical beat down of a long hike but it seems to me the perspective is longer lasting after you complete one or more. There is also the sense of accomplishment that goes along with tackling a daunting task like the Appalachian trail. I suppose that is true with any hard-won goal. Maybe it is the same for people who completely lift themselves out of poverty or transform their bodies after a huge loss of weight. I would imagine it is a great feeling. That is part of what keeps me focused on doing this.

Speaking of weight loss, I have also read stories of people losing 30-40 lbs doing a long hike. I am sure that once you get to the end of the hike, you are in a whole lot better shape due to the estimated 6000 – 10000 calorie expenditure daily that comes with the territory. Makes sense too because at the most your caloric intake is maybe a maximum of 3000 Kcals. That would be an added benefit for me because I have about 60 lbs I need to trim off this old body.

Well I hope you guys are enjoying my blog. I know it is very hit and miss with regards to subject matter but as things progress I really hope to be adding some video to these posts. I had planned to make some videos also of maybe some of the more colorful people I pick up while driving for Uber and thought people would enjoy that (nothing like laughing at drunk people) so stay tuned for that coming soon. Lastly, I just wanted to say that I appreciate everyone who takes time out of their day to read my ramblings. I read a lot of the blogs that I follow as well and love the different types of writing styles and stories people share.


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