Starve Hollow State Park Recreation Area

So as some of you may know I live in Indiana. I also love to find places to hike that not too many people go. Today I did a hike at Starve Hollow State Park Recreation Area in Vallonia Indiana. The trail that I traversed was the Turkey Roost Trail and was supposed to be 5.6 miles. This trail was rough, and by that I mean the elevation gains in some areas were almost straight up. Really good workout of the legs that is for sure. Anyway, I filmed the hike, as I often do and you can find it right here: Starve Hollow State Park Turkey Roost Trail

Or you can watch it below


One of the things that this particular State Recreation Area is known for is the really great Starve Hollow Lake Campground. At the end of the video, I include some bonus footage that shows the campground some as well as the lake. I think next spring I will come back to this area for some camping and/or maybe some kayaking.


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