My Friends Think I Am Absolutely Crazy For Doin This

So this upcoming weekend, I will be doing two hikes and all of my friends think I am crazy. Mainly because the temperature at night is going to be in the mid 20s. A lot of my friends are not into hiking and camping and the outdoors in general. They do not understand the appeal to testing ones limits and enjoying nature even in the worst kind of conditions. I am not hugely experienced at this point in these activities but I learn quickly from reading about others. I think that is one of the key things I hope to achieve with this blog. I hope to share my ups and downs so that others may be both safe and inspired. So, let’s get to what I have coming up this weekend.

My plan is to hike the Oriole Trail East which is the second part of a trail I did previously which was the Oriole Trail West This trail is supposedly 6.5 miles with a spur trail that leads to a loop. It is a mixture of hardwoods and pines. You can find out more information about this trail here: Oriole Trail East I will be doing this trail first and then traveling to the next trail to hike and camp.

The next trail is called the Hemlock Cliffs Area Trail. This trail is a one mile loop around the cliffs and is supposed to be one of the most beautiful areas in southern Indiana. You can find out more information about the Hemlock Cliffs Area here: Hemlock Cliffs After I explore this area thoroughly my plan is to primitive camp overnight in an Eureka Solitaire Bivy Tent and I will be dealing with the cold by using two sleeping bags and a therma-rest type sleeping pad.

My hope in doing this winter camping is to show my friends that with the proper planning, you can enjoy hiking and camping in almost any kind of weather. There are individuals who are experienced in bush-crafting that I hope to learn more tricks from. I subscribe to a lot of those types of YouTube channels and enjoy them very much.


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