Looking Back at 2014 and Plans for 2015

Looking back on 2014, I have to say I had a pretty amazing year. I spent a lot of time in the woods on trails that were beautiful and some challenging. I also realized that my new found love of hiking and all things outdoors is really part of a much bigger personal initiative to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Originally, I got into hiking because I wanted to find a healthy activity that I would be consistent with and provided me with an ever changing view. I have tried over the years to find something I could be passionate about that, at the same time, was good for my body. I think I have now found it. The other advantage that hiking provides is the gateway into other outdoor activities which just add to the fun.

In 2015, I plan to add two more activities to my repertoire of awesomeness. I will be adding kayaking and some mountain biking. My plan is to purchase a kayaking near the end of winter and to start hitting the water about mid spring. I have kayaked in the past and there is just something so peaceful about floating along a creek or out on a lake that I love. I also will be using my mountain bike more on some of the same paths I have hiked on as they were multi-use trails. It will be interesting to see how I take hills on a bike versus on foot.

Also in 2015, I will be starting a concentrated weight loss effort, however I have not decided whether I will be documenting that here, starting another blog, or just simply starting a dedicated YoutTube channel. Turning 45 this year, it has finally hit me that if I want to enjoy a good quality of life and have all this outdoor fun that I want to have, I need to lose the weight that is preventing me from doing so. I would be interested to see if any of the folks who follow this blog want me to document it here or do you all just want me to keep this about outdoors and hiking. Take the poll below and let me know, and I really appreciate you all very much


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