Mammoth Cave National Park Hike

This weekend, I visited Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. This was a lot of fun and I was hiking with a good friend of mine. You can watch the video at this link: Mammoth Cave National Park Hike

or you can watch below


7 thoughts on “Mammoth Cave National Park Hike

      1. Trail Blazing Lana

        Sure! I haven’t done to much hiking there. Last time I went I was not enthused by all the horses and the trail was very muddy and tore up, but I would love to give it another try. I’ve been spending my weekends at the red river gorge but I want to venture other places too.


  1. OakAshandThorn

    Awesome cave, I wonder if that water was flowing from a subterranean spring…in which case it would be a geothermal vent. We have a few of those up here in Connecticut :).
    8:10 – Oh yeah, Nature’s tap :D. That must be a real sight for the weary wanderer in the dead heat of summer.
    Good to see the National Park Service taking excellent care of the campsites, those are first-class accommodations in my book :). And another cave, too? What a bonus :D.
    Ouch…hope you had some Aloe or Sapin resin to treat the burn. I’ve had my share of scalding…not fun.
    Dang, that many ticks at once???
    Good idea – once you’ve decided to follow a route, stay on it. As Gandalf said in ‘The Hobbit’ to the Dwarves and Bilbo at the entrance to Mirkwood just before he left, “Remember, don’t stray from the path!”


  2. Alex

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