Dumb Hiker Tries Bushcraft Stuff

So I watch a lot of YouTube videos and part of the genre that I watch is bush crafting. I thought I would give a try at making some char cloth and then testing it. You can check out the video here: Dumb Hiker Tries Bush craft Stuff

or you can watch below:


One thought on “Dumb Hiker Tries Bushcraft Stuff

  1. OakAshandThorn

    You don’t need to buy the flint ;). Quartzite works very nicely, so does chert if you have any in your area. You can find both in old stream beds that have rounded, smoothed rocks (most of which will be quartzite), or on rocky paths ;).
    Bah, don’t worry about feeling left out. There is nothing written in stone regarding what activities are “Bushcraft” and what isn’t. You don’t need to be a fire god who can snap his fingers to make an ember, an 18th century “traditional” long hunter, and axe enthusiast to be involved in Bushcraft. Bushcraft can be really anything you want it to be. For me, it’s the practice of being able to be comfortable outdoors with a minimal amount of kit, applying primitive skills and Native knowledge to improve one’s living conditions – a bit like the phrase, “the more you know, the less you carry”.
    I’ll tell ‘ya, you learn A LOT by making mistakes…that’s how our far ancestors first learned the skills that have been passed down through the centuries. Nature is your teacher – She can be rewarding to the one who is willing to learn, and very harsh to those who dare to challenge the elements with arrogance or ego.
    Congrats on the charcloth :).

    ~ Jon, N.E.B



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