Red River Gorge Solo Overnighter (Sort of)

This past memorial day weekend, I took a trip to the Red River Gorge Geological Area to do some solo backpacking and camping. I was on the Osborne Trail in the Clifty Wilderness area and found a nice little camp site about a mile into the trail. Since I had planned on two nights and the time of day was getting late, I decided to make camp for the night. I had quite the adventure when I was startled by a bear running through my camp. 

You can watch the video here: Red River Gorge Solo Overnighter

or you can watch below


2 thoughts on “Red River Gorge Solo Overnighter (Sort of)

  1. Wandering Lana

    Hello. I was curious about your bear comment. I have never encountered one in the RRG. I know they can be there, but it is actually very rare. It makes me think maybe I should be more cautious with storing my food, because I get kinda of lazy when I camp out there. Anyway, Happy Trails.

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    1. That Hiking Guy Post author

      The area I was in was the Clifty Wildeness part. This is the first time I have ever encountered one. I do hang my food so I don’t think that was the issue. I really just think it was cutting through and the campsite just happened to be in its path. Happy Trails to u as well and thanks for commenting



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