This page is about my pursuit of adventure in my life as well as other topics I enjoy. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Chris and I am an average middle aged male in Indiana who recently discovered the joy that comes with getting outdoors and seeing all of God’s creation. This recent obsession has prompted me to document my adventures in this forum and hopefully it will inspire others to disconnect from the multiple screens we all stare at daily to really appreciate what is right in front of us. I work at a typical boring corporate job and while it pays well and provides me with some security, it is not satisfying my need for adventure. So I must play out my wanderlust in the woods or on a kayak or wherever I end up. I am still new to all of this and do not claim to be an expert on anything, but sharing what I do learn with people is a good way to create a community of like minded individuals. If you are so inclined, please subscribe to the blog and/or check out the youtube channel I created for this purpose. You can find it here: THAT HIKING GUY YOUTUBE CHANNEL




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  1. GeoKs

    Chris, welcome to the ever-changing, ever-challenging world of outdoor adventure! I haven’t yet started exploring how video might benefit my self-appointed role as Nature Ambassador, so I look forward to learning from how you incorporate video into your blogging/vlogging.

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    1. liveyourdreamznow Post author

      Thanks so for the welcome. Love your blog by the way, very interesting pics and hikes. Oh and beautiful family you have there. Hope to be reading more about your adventures. With the videoing of the hikes I plan to do it basically incorporates two of my passions. Hiking and Video production so I thought “why not do both?” Anyway God speed on your adventures and I will be reading faithfully.


      1. Trail Blazing Lana

        I have a long list for this year. Ive already hiked so many places here in kentucky, but i would like to hike more trails in the big south fork area, and would like to summit more mountains this year with mt. Mitchell and roan mountain on that list.


  2. bobh47955

    Chris, I am also from Indiana and have been hiking the state and national parks as well as some of the small county parks for several decades. To me getting out into nature revives me and also give me a better perspective on life until the next need to get out into nature.
    I have started using a video camera this year but through the years I have always just used my cameras. Of course I am old enough that I started with film SLR’s and now shoot strictly digital DSLR. My blogs on here has always been using photographs.

    If by chance you feel compelled to take a glance at what I have posted you can find me at bobhammphotography.wordpress.com.

    Enjoy your time in mother nature!

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