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The Peninsula Trail Overnighter

Had a fantastic time out on Lake Monroe near Bloomington Indiana. Me and a gaggle of other outdoor YouTubers took the five mile trail to the shore line and camped out. It rained on us almost the entire hike in but stopped when we got there. Check out the fun here: Peninsula Trail Overnighter

or you can watch below


A Weekend of Adventure

This past weekend I set out to test some new gear and had an awesome time hammock camping. The next day, I day hiked to some old stone cabin ruins with a new friend and was amazed at what we found.

You can watch the video here: A Weekend of Adventure

or you can watch below

Why I Hike 2016 Year in Review

Wow 2016 has been an epic year of travel and adventure for me. As I was looking back on all my videos, it became so clear that I have been to and seen many places. I hope you enjoy this look back on my year of hiking, camping, backpacking, and kayaking

You can watch the video here: Why I Hike 2016 Year in Review

or you can watch below

Solo Overnight Camp in the Charles C. Deam Wilderness

I needed to get back out for a nature fix so I decided to head back to the Charles C Deam Wilderness near Bloomington Indiana. I went back to a spot that I knew and about 100 yards away a group of drunken yahoos decided to take up residence at the next camp spot. That’s okay, I did not let them ruin my fun and I even got some reviews filmed while I was there. The next morning, I packed up and headed out and forgot to film my way back to the car.

You can watch the video here: Solo Overnighter

or you can watch below

Solo Overnight Hammock Camping in the Charles C. Deam Wilderness

This past weekend, I made another attempt at hammock camping and yet again failed miserably lol. That’s okay because part of the reason I try things like this is to assess my strengths and weaknesses. You can watch the video of my excursion here: Solo Hammock Camping Fail

or you can watch below:

Charles C Deam Wilderness Hike Delayed

The hike I originally intended to do this past weekend 10/4/14 has been moved to this upcoming weekend 10/11/14 for the simple reason that my daughter did not want to hike haha. So I will do a solo on Saturday and of course bring a video afterward. I am pretty excited about it, mainly because it is not far away and there is a lot to explore.

Here is a blurb I took from the Hoosier National Forest Website describing the day hiking in the wilderness

Day Hiking

The Charles C. Deam Wilderness area encompasses nearly 13,000 acres of the Hoosier National Forest. It is managed to preserve a natural condition and provide opportunities for solitude. Within the Wilderness are 37.3 miles of trails which are provided for hiking, backpacking, and horse riding. the 4.9 mile Sycamore Loop trail is a hike-only trail, the rest of the trails also allow for horses. Groups are limited to 10 persons or less and hikers are asked to yield to horseback riders.