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The Blue Lakes Trail Colorado

This hike was one that I have been wanting to do for some time. It is a relatively easy 6.6 out and back hike with only the first mile or so being the most difficult. The pay off for this hike is three of the most beautiful blue glacier fed mountain lakes you can imagine. I only saw one of them and we also had a surprise visitor on the trail but I would recommend this hike to anyone.


You can watch the video here: Blue Lakes Trail

or you can watch below


Zion National Park

Zion is one of the most beautiful places to visit in our country and provides so many wonderful views of nature and wildlife it is almost criminal not to see it. In this video, I share some of the most popular areas of the park including the hike to Angels Landing and The Narrows.

You can watch the video here: ZION


or you can watch below

Exploring a Secret Waterfall at Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve

My friend Jen and I took a day trip to nearby Ohio to check out a waterfall I read about in Backpacker Magazine. The picture of it in the magazine was just beautiful so I had to go check it out in person. I hope you enjoy the video.

You can watch the video here: Secret Waterfall Video

or you can watch below

Creekside Hammock Camping at the Red River Gorge

In this video, I return to a familiar place to try my hand again at hammock camping. I originally set out to find the elusive Timmons Arch that I could not find on a previous trip and was again skunked. Oh well, I enjoy a fantastic campsite by the water. 

You can see the video here: Creekside Hammock Camping

or you can watch below

Hiking the Amy Weingartner Branigan Peninsula Preserve

Today I took a day hike at the Amy Weingartner Branigan Peninsula Preserve on Monroe Lake near Bloomington Indiana. It was rainy and cold but I still had a great time exploring this relatively new nature preserve dedicated to a girl who died of a brain tumor in 2012. You can watch the video here: Peninsula Preserve Video

or you can watch below

Red River Gorge Solo Overnighter (Sort of)

This past memorial day weekend, I took a trip to the Red River Gorge Geological Area to do some solo backpacking and camping. I was on the Osborne Trail in the Clifty Wilderness area and found a nice little camp site about a mile into the trail. Since I had planned on two nights and the time of day was getting late, I decided to make camp for the night. I had quite the adventure when I was startled by a bear running through my camp. 

You can watch the video here: Red River Gorge Solo Overnighter

or you can watch below

Elephant Cases Waterproof Go Pro Case

I purchased this box to keep my cameras in good condition and I am pretty happy that I did not pay nearly as much as I would have paid for a Pelican case. Anyway you can watch the video at this link: Elephant Waterproof case

of you can watch below: