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Hiking the Tecumseh Trail 2017

Come along on a 40 mile, 4 day journey on the Tecumseh Trail in Indiana. Me and and three friends spent four days recently on the second longest footpath in Indiana.

You can watch the video here: Tecumseh Trail 2017

or you can watch below



A Weekend of Adventure

This past weekend I set out to test some new gear and had an awesome time hammock camping. The next day, I day hiked to some old stone cabin ruins with a new friend and was amazed at what we found.

You can watch the video here: A Weekend of Adventure

or you can watch below

Clark Jungle Hammock First Hang Experience

I was very anxious to get out this past weekend to test out my new Clark Jungle Hammock. As luck would have it, I got invited to go camping with a couple of my friends and so I was off to the Charles C. Deam Wilderness to test it out. Turned out we got some torrential rains and thunderstorms but I am happy to report that the hammock was comfy and dry and held up nicely.

You can watch the video here: Clark Jungle Hammock

or you can watch below

Return to the Oriole West Trail in the Hoosier National Forest

After last week’s grueling three day hike and camp on the adventure hiking trail, I wanted to get out on a nice, pleasant day hike. Luckily, a friend of mine who heads up a hiking club invited me to return to one of my favorite trails in the Hoosier National Forest.

You can watch the video here: Oriole West Trail

or you can watch below

“One More Hill”- Hiking the Adventure Hiking Trail

This was probably one of my top ten best hiking and camping trips. It really helps make the pain bearable when you have great people with you. This trail is located in southern Indiana and is a 25 mile loop trail near O’Bannon Woods State Park. It hosts some of the most beautiful views of the Ohio river and area. 

You can watch the video here: The Adventure Hiking Trail

Or you can watch below

Creekside Hammock Camping at the Red River Gorge

In this video, I return to a familiar place to try my hand again at hammock camping. I originally set out to find the elusive Timmons Arch that I could not find on a previous trip and was again skunked. Oh well, I enjoy a fantastic campsite by the water. 

You can see the video here: Creekside Hammock Camping

or you can watch below

Pokagon State Park Toboggan Run and Hiking

I took a trip to the north eastern part of Indiana to check out the Pokagon State Park Toboggan Run and Hiking trails. I had a great time. You guys can watch the video here: Pokagon State Park

or you can watch below