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The Blue Lakes Trail Colorado

This hike was one that I have been wanting to do for some time. It is a relatively easy 6.6 out and back hike with only the first mile or so being the most difficult. The pay off for this hike is three of the most beautiful blue glacier fed mountain lakes you can imagine. I only saw one of them and we also had a surprise visitor on the trail but I would recommend this hike to anyone.


You can watch the video here: Blue Lakes Trail

or you can watch below


Colorado 2017: Roadtrip and Mt Elbert

This is the first video from my week long trip to Colorado. This one shows some of the roadtrip through Kansas as well as climbing Mt Elbert.

You can watch the video here: Colorado Roadtrip and Mt Elbert

or you can watch below

The Smokies: A Wildfire Story (mini documentary)

On the weekend of December 3rd,2016 my friend Jen and I went back to the smoky mountains to observe the damage that had been done by the wildfires there. This is the story of what we found. You can watch the video here: The Smokies

or you can watch below