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Alum Bluffs Cave Trail

One of the best hikes in the Smoky Mountains by far. Best views, challenging, and a lot of fun to hike. Check out the video here: Alum Bluffs Cave Trail

or you can watch below


Why I Hike 2016 Year in Review

Wow 2016 has been an epic year of travel and adventure for me. As I was looking back on all my videos, it became so clear that I have been to and seen many places. I hope you enjoy this look back on my year of hiking, camping, backpacking, and kayaking

You can watch the video here: Why I Hike 2016 Year in Review

or you can watch below

2016 Smoky Mountain Adventure

This was my second annual trip to the Smoky Mountains to hike up to the Mt LeConte lodge. We took this trip on November 11th and 12th, approximately 11 days prior to the wildfires that started there. I had some crazy things happen to me along the trail and I was completely exhausted at the end but I am so glad I got to see the beauty of the mountains one last time before they would be completely changed by the carelessness of two teens. 

You can watch the video here: 2016 Smoky Mountain Adventure

or you can watch below