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Road Trip Preparations: Cooking Food on the Road

For my upcoming trip, I wanted to make sure I was able to prepare my own foods while van camping. I also wanted to make sure whatever I chose did not take up a lot of space in my van. In this video, I demonstrate the portable butane single burner stove I found on Amazon

You can watch the video here: Cooking Food on the Road

or you can watch below


Esbit Solid Fuel Stove VS Rucas Alcohol Stove

I purchased an Esbit Solid Fuel stove from an Army Surplus store and tried to boil water with it. Then I compared it to my Rucas Alcohol stove and my alcohol stove blew it away with regards to boil time. You can watch the video here: ESBIT VS RUCAS

or you can watch below:

Henry Repeating Arms AR-7 Rifle Review

So at a gun show a couple of years ago I came upon a survival rifle that was pretty intriguing. The reason it piqued my interest is because the components all broke down and stowed away in the stock. I thought this was a neat concept so I recently broke it out of my closet to do a review on it. You can find that video right here: Henry Repeating Arms AR-7 Review or you can watch the video below:

I must admit I am not much of a hunter and I actually do not like to kill animals but in a survival situation it would be nice to have something that would help me live. I think this is a great little rifle.