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Road Trip Preparations: Cooking Food on the Road

For my upcoming trip, I wanted to make sure I was able to prepare my own foods while van camping. I also wanted to make sure whatever I chose did not take up a lot of space in my van. In this video, I demonstrate the portable butane single burner stove I found on Amazon

You can watch the video here: Cooking Food on the Road

or you can watch below


Dumb Hiker Tries Bushcraft Stuff

So I watch a lot of YouTube videos and part of the genre that I watch is bush crafting. I thought I would give a try at making some char cloth and then testing it. You can check out the video here: Dumb Hiker Tries Bush craft Stuff

or you can watch below:

Tip for Fire Making

I must admit I am not very experienced when it comes to making a campfire. In fact, the last camping excursion I went on turned out to be a nightmare basically because I was not able to make a campfire lol. In this video I talk about how I plan to overcome that for this upcoming weekend overnight camping trip. You can watch the video here: Tip for Fire Making

or you can watch it below: