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DIY Low Cost Gravity Water Filter for Backpacking and Hiking

I normally use a Saywer Squeeze system to filter my water when I am out hiking and backpacking. If you have ever used one, you know that filling the bag that comes with it is next to impossible. I know most folks use a cut off bottle to do it. But then when you do finally get it filled you have to awkwardly fill your clean bottle in the weirdest of positions. I wanted something easy to fill that I could just let gravity do the work so that is why I did some research on YouTube and found a system I liked. In this video, I show you how to make one for yourself using a filter and bag you can get on Amazon. The filter is called a hyrdoblu and I tested it fully this weekend and it works great. The flow rate is acceptable and filling up the bag is very easy no matter what kind of water source you are using. The best part of it is that the filter is relatively cheap on amazon. You can find it here: http://amzn.to/2yKt33y You could also use a dry bag of whatever size you like, for instance in the video I am using a 2L dry bag, but you could use a larger one for group camping. Here is an example of one that comes in many sizes: http://amzn.to/2xX9PZm

You can watch the video at this link: DIY Low Cost Gravity Water Filter

or you can watch below


Red River Gorge ~ The Quest for Timman’s Arch

A couple of friends and I set out to find the elusive Timmans Arch in the Red River Gorge. We camped at Koomer Ridge and also visited Creation Falls, Rock Bridge, and did some milky way photography on Auxier Ridge Trail. Come along with us on this adventure.

You can watch the video here: Red River Gorge The Quest for Timman’s Arch

Gander Mountain Guide Series Hiking Shorts

I recently also purchased a  new pair of hiking shorts that were very comfortable and really helped my range of motion when tackling elevation. I also wanted to pass this recommendation along to you.

You can watch the video here: Gander Mountain Guide Series Hiking Shorts

or you can watch below

Gander Mountain Guide Series Hiking Shirt

I recently purchased a new hiking shirt and I am pretty excited about it. It is so much more comfortable than the cotton shirts I had been using. Much more breathable. I wanted to pass along this recommendation.

You can watch the video here: Gander Mountain Guide Series Hiking Shirt

or you can watch below

Solo Overnight Camp in the Charles C. Deam Wilderness

I needed to get back out for a nature fix so I decided to head back to the Charles C Deam Wilderness near Bloomington Indiana. I went back to a spot that I knew and about 100 yards away a group of drunken yahoos decided to take up residence at the next camp spot. That’s okay, I did not let them ruin my fun and I even got some reviews filmed while I was there. The next morning, I packed up and headed out and forgot to film my way back to the car.

You can watch the video here: Solo Overnighter

or you can watch below

The One80 Light

I backed this product on Kickstarter a few months ago and recently received it in the mail. This headlamp is pretty awesome if i do say so myself. I like the fact that no bear can sneak up from the side of me while I am night hiking. I will be able to see him coming. I also like the fact that it is so light and flexible. I like this so much better than a traditional light. I plan on using this one for a long time. You can watch the video here: The One80 Light

or you can watch below

Outad Camp Chair

Finally got around to reviewing my Outad camp chair. Now the main reason i got this chair initially was because of the fact that I know it will hold up to 330lbs and most of the other ones I looked at could not hold as much. But then also, it folds down pretty small and weighs just under 2 lbs itself. I have used it for a while now and really like it. It is pretty comfy and sturdy as long as you don’t rock back and forth in it You can watch the video here: Outad Camp Chair

or you can watch below