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Truck Camping: Modifying the Bed Frame

Still making changes to my Toyota Tundra Truck Camping System. On my last trip, I had a little difficulty with the bed being too high so I called up my friend Scott to help me shorten the legs on the frame. After we finished, It was much more manageable getting in and out of the bed and I had a lot more headroom. Modifying the bed frame in this way has really improved the comfort level. We basically just cut three inches of each of the support legs and re-used the plastic caps on the ends. This was a simple modification but made a world of difference. My next step will be to buy properly sized tubs to fit under the bed for storage. I will also be making some more modifications to the top of the truck cap as I will be installing a roof rack and basket, and finally an ARB 8X8 awning All of these preparations are for a road trip out west this summer in which I will be camping each night and not spending any money on a hotel. I plan on visiting Colorado and Utah and seeing some amazing sites along the way

You can watch the video at this link: Truck Camping: Modifying the Bed Frame

or you can watch it below


Sorry for my Absence

I want to say hello to my devoted readers and I also want to apologize for my absence lately. I have been very busy taking hikes and trying to line up different activities for this winter as well as for next year. As it stands right now I have lined up two major hikes for next year:

1. Grand Teton Valley Hike

2. Blue Ridge Moutain Hike in North Carolina

I have been posting some new videos of my hikes to my youtube channel (search for ccolbert4) and I will post a few here on this blog at some point. On a personal note, I can say that I am at a really good place in life right now. The feeling of contentment with how my life is proceeding is really satisfying. What I mean by that is that on just about every level (financial, spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional) I am living my life the way that I want to live in the way that I want to live it. I don’t say that to brag by any means. I just am expressing my happiness with things right now. This, of course is subject to change at any time, but I think it is important to stop and enjoy these moments because they are rare or few and far between. Developing an attitude of gratitude is hard to do sometimes so I like to take any chance I can to make it so.

Here is my latest hiking video:   http://youtu.be/xKMvUTDUorE

Live with purpose

Welcome everyone to my first entry into my blog about chasing my dreams. I am hoping this page will serve as an inspiration to others. No matter what circumstances we might be in currently, we can always keep moving in the direction of our dreams and when we finally arrive, create new ones. Let me start by explaining that I am excited about this journey and cannot wait to begin. I hope that you will come along with me for the ride and start your own journey as well.  Some of the subjects I will cover on this blog include:

1. Camper vans and conversions

2. Boondocking

3. Getting out of debt

4. Preparation for life on the road

5.  How to live with less/Minimalist lifestyle

6. Creating a life by design or purpose

7. Natural building techniques/Permaculture.

8. How to grow you own food

9. Veganism/Raw Food/Fruitarian

These are all areas that I am interested in and therefore am curious to learn more about and to share what I learn with my audience.