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Truck Camping: First Overnighter in my Toyota Tundra

I am embarking on a new kind of camping for me: Truck Camping. In this video, I am basically doing a shakedown camp to test out the theories of staying warm, preparing food, and just getting used to the idea of camping in my truck. This is a short video and more will be coming in the future: 

You can watch the video at this link: Truck Camping

or you can watch below


Snow Lizard SLXtreme 7 iPhone Case

I have had my eye on this product for a while now. It is an iPhone case that is made very well and will hold up to the most rugged adventures. To boot, it also has an attached solar panel which trickle charges the integrated battery AND it is waterproof. You could not ask for anything better in my opinion. In this video, I go over some of the features of the case and why I finally got one.

You can watch the video at this link: SLXtreme 7

or you can watch below

The Blue Lakes Trail Colorado

This hike was one that I have been wanting to do for some time. It is a relatively easy 6.6 out and back hike with only the first mile or so being the most difficult. The pay off for this hike is three of the most beautiful blue glacier fed mountain lakes you can imagine. I only saw one of them and we also had a surprise visitor on the trail but I would recommend this hike to anyone.


You can watch the video here: Blue Lakes Trail

or you can watch below

Road Trip Preparations: Cooking Food on the Road

For my upcoming trip, I wanted to make sure I was able to prepare my own foods while van camping. I also wanted to make sure whatever I chose did not take up a lot of space in my van. In this video, I demonstrate the portable butane single burner stove I found on Amazon

You can watch the video here: Cooking Food on the Road

or you can watch below

Road Trip Preparations: How to Keep Food Cold on the Road

Trying to find ways to keep food cold on the road is a challenge. There are many options for coolers and portable refrigerators out there but most of them are pretty pricey. In this video, I talk about my new cooler purchase and how it is a pretty good value for the money.

You can watch the video here: How to keep food cold on the road

or you can watch below

2016 Indianapolis Tiny House Roadshow

This past weekend, my friend Jen and I went exploring at the Indianapolis Tiny House Roadshow. There were over nine models there from amateur and professional builders. There were big crowds so unfortunately we did not get to spend a great deal of time in each but I tried to show the interiors of most of them. 

You can watch the video here: Indianapolis Tiny House Roadshow

Or you can watch below

Warrior Dash Indiana 2016

On September 10th, my daughter and I decided to go play in the mud until we were completely exhausted. We decided to try the Warrior Dash. We had a lot of fun although I lost my GoPro session so the only footage I was left was prior to the race and after the race. Luckily I was able to also find some pics of us online. I hope you enjoy this short video of our experience

You can watch the video here: Warrior Dash 2016

or you can watch below